Currently, in its seventh season, the show has flying dragons, frozen zombies, ugly giants, epic battles, great dialogue, valiant and diabolical characters, sex and more sex and a myriad of other shit. If you don’t watch it, I’m judging the hell outta you.

There’s only one thing missing: black people. OK, so there are some black folk but you know, they’re slaves and servants and shit. Even in their fantasies, we’re second class or none existent.

Before the book nerds come for my head like Ned Stark, arguing that the show stays true to the book, I say, then change it. After all, that’s what Hollywood does—change stuff.

In Game of Thrones, white people build empires, navigate world’s seas apart, protect legacy and wealth, fight each other, show great valour, strategy and more all while protecting their humanity from the greatest threat ever imaginable to man—zombies and incest.

According to historians, the concept of race as a human differentiator did not exist until about the 16th century. According to online fan chatter, it is often agreed that the show takes place in about 300 AD. Let that sink in. 300 AD. We know that Egypt was popping up in 300 AD with its own politics, kings and battles.

So let’s put aside historical plausibility for a sec and focus on the fact that the show is not rooted in anything real, it’s a fantasy, you have dragons and zombies but can’t think of a black-led kingdom with armies that are lit like fucking shit up with spears and stuff all in the name of protecting scarce resources and humanity?

George R. R. Martin could have thrown some mummies from Egypt. Imagine an epic fight between white walkers and mummies. There’s also this character on the show called The Red Woman who is deeply steeped in magic. Whereas, Africa probably has the planet’s best black magic.

On the show, the wealthiest family in the realm are The Lannisters because of all the gold that they own, but we already know South Africa has the world’s largest gold deposits.

Martin could’ve developed a counter family to them, he could’ve written Mansa Musa into the show or the Moors or something, anything, just put some black people in it!. The show is great and will continue to find new audiences everyday, but there isn’t an episode that goes by where one doesn’t notice a distinct lack of melanin.


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