The Fall of a Model African Democracy

After three decades of peace and progress, the West African nation now finds itself facing the “democratic recession,” a term the political scientist Larry Diamond coined to describe an apparent trend that has taken its toll on every continent.

White Saviorism: American missionary played doctor and African children died

When White Saviorism Turns Deadly: American missionary played doctor, children died, when will there be justice?

We tested baby food sugar levels in South Africa. This is what we found

We analysed the sugar content of baby food products which are commercially available, targeted at children under 12 months and sold in supermarkets

Cameroonian nationalist is chopping off heads of colonial statues

He is a hero to many, but an infamous criminal to the Cameroonian government for ‘defacing’ statues and monuments of the colonial era built in the economic capital of Douala by French colonialists.

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