Things to watch

Aretha Franklin: Close-Up (1968)

1968 TV news special chronicling the extraordinary rise of Soul singer Aretha Franklin. Features tons

Germans In Namibia: Apartheid Part 2

Namibians say their fight for independence won’t be over until Africa’s resources are in the

Being a Black Bull Rider in a Majority White Sport

In the heyday of America’s Old West, roughly a fourth of the cowboys were black.

Surviving One of the Deadliest Routes to Europe: Refugees at Sea

Desperate to escape conflict and poverty, thousands of migrants and refugees attempt the perilous journey

Madagascan Vanilla Trade Controlled By Chinese Businesses

Madagascar, the world’s main source of vanilla, has seen traditional farming methods upset by a

The Big Lie about the Libyan War and its consequences.

In this fifth anniversary week of the U.S.-led Libya intervention, it’s instructive to revisit Hillary

Black skin, German passport

The people portrayed in this documentary are Germans who originally come from Africa. How do

How Argentina ‘Eliminated’ Africans From Its History And Conscience

Tens of millions of black Africans were forcibly removed from their homelands from the 16th

Hillbrow: Between Heaven and Hell

Filmmaker Clifford Bestall takes a personal journey to the heart of one of South Africa’s

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