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Afro-Spaniards are Spanish nationals of West/Central African descent. They today mainly come from Cameroon, Gambia, Mali and Senegal.

Afro-Spaniards are Spanish nationals of West/Central African descent. They today mainly come from Cameroon, Gambia, Mali and Senegal. Additionally, many Afro-Spaniards born in Spain are from the former Spanish colony Equatorial Guinea. Spaniards of Sub-Saharan ancestry originating in Latin America are generally excluded from this definition.


Total population
 Spain 1,045,120 (2016)
Regions with significant populations
Andalusia, Catalonia, the Balearics, the Canaries, Madrid, Murcia, Valencia
Spanish; English, French, Portuguese, various languages of Africa
Predominantly Christian (mainly Roman Catholic), Sunni Islam, Traditional African religions, others, nonreligious
Related ethnic groups
African people, Spanish Equatoguinean, Cape Verdean Spanish, Afro-European

Notable people


  • Antumi Toasijé, historian and Pan-African activist

Artists and writers

  • Juan Latino, poet and Renaissance humanist
  • Juan de Pareja, painter

Explorers and conquistadores

  • Juan Valiente
  • Juan Garrido

In entertainment and media

  • Francine Gálvez, journalist
  • Vicenta Ndongo, actress
  • Concha Buika, singer
  • Emilio Buale, actor
  • Virginia Buika, singer
  • Frank T, MC and rap producer
  • Dareysteel, rapper
  • Desirée Ndjambo, journalist
  • El Chojin, rapper
  • Santiago Zannou, film director
  • Jimmy Castro, actor
  • Hijas del Sol, music duo
  • Paloma Loribo, singer
  • Norberto de Noah, singer and writer
  • Andrés Montes, journalist


  • Bisila Bokoko


  • Dolores Johnson Sastre
  • Rita Bosaho
  • Juan Antonio de la Morena Doca, alcalde of Villamantilla
  • Pedro Oma Nkomi, alcalde of Pampliega
  • Guillem Balboa Buika, alcalde of Alaró

In sports

  • Miguel Jones, former football player
  • Vicente Engonga, football manager and former player
  • Benjamín Zarandona, retired football player
  • Venancio José, retired athlete
  • David Davis, retired handball player
  • Lauren, retired football player
  • Rodolfo Bodipo, football manager and former player
  • Glory Alozie, athlete
  • Yago Yao, retired football player
  • Souley Drame, basketball player
  • Iván Zarandona, football player
  • Valdo, football player
  • Rui, football player
  • Josephine Onyia, athlete
  • Marta Mangué, handball player
  • Alfi Conteh-Lacalle, football player
  • Javier Balboa, football player
  • Trihas Gebre, athlete
  • Alemayehu Bezabeh, athlete
  • Eva Ngui, athlete
  • Jade Boho, football player
  • María Bernabéu, judoka
  • Ruth Ndoumbe, athlete
  • Mark Ujakpor, athlete
  • Manuel Onwu, football player
  • Richard Nguema, basketball player
  • Godwin Antwi, football player
  • Jean Marie Okutu, athlete
  • Stephen Sunday, football player
  • Rubén Belima, football player
  • Aauri Bokesa, athlete and basketball player
  • Iván Bolado, retired football player
  • José Luis Collins, former basketball player
  • Serge Ibaka, basketball player
  • Emilio Nsue, football player
  • Pedro Obiang, football player
  • Eddy Silvestre, football player
  • Joel Johnson, football player
  • Omar Mascarell, football player
  • Derik Osede, football player
  • Jonás Ramalho, football player
  • Randy, football player
  • Astou Ndour, basketball player
  • Keita Baldé Diao, football player
  • Ilimane Diop, basketball player
  • Vanessa Blé, basketball player
  • Mamadou Diop, basketball player
  • Mamadou Tounkara, football player
  • Adama Traoré, football player
  • Iris Junio, basketball player
  • Larry Abia, basketball player
  • Sitapha Savane, basketball player
  • Iñaki Williams, football player
  • Marcelo Djaló, football player
  • Pape Cheikh Diop, football player
  • Nely Carla Alberto, handball player
  • Alexandrina Barbosa, handball player
  • Moussa Bandeh, football player
  • Mohamed Traoré, football player
  • Yankuba Sima, basketball player
  • Roberto Tobe, futsal player
  • Bacari Kambi, football player
  • Carlos Akapo, football player
  • Sergio Akieme, football player
  • Ismael Athuman, football player
  • Aitor Embela, football player
  • Igor Engonga, football player
  • Pablo Ganet, football player
  • José Kanté, football player
  • Niko Kata, football player
  • Josete Miranda, football player
  • Ana Peleteiro, athlete
  • Iván Salvador, football player
  • Boison Wynney, football player
  • Aridane Hernández, football player
  • Madger Gomes, football player
  • Juliet Itoya, athlete
  • Fátima Diame, athlete
  • Youba Sissokho, boxer
  • Gabriel Enguema, boxer
  • Jael Bestué, athlete
  • María Vicente, athlete
  • Joshua Tomaic, basketball player
  • Sebas Saiz, basketball player
  • Esteban Obiang, football player
  • Mujaid Sadick Aliu, football player
  • Jordi Mboula, football player
  • Cristopher Moisés, football player
  • Fátima Diame, athlete
  • Saúl Coco, football player
  • Jordan Gutiérrez, football player
  • Paolo Fernandes, football player
  • Sergio Hinestrosa, football player
  • Alberto Edjogo-Owono, former football player
  • Juvenal Edjogo-Owono, former football player
  • Juan Epitié, former football player
  • Rubén Epitié, former football player
  • James Davis, football player
  • Ruslan Elá, football player
  • Óscar Engonga, football manager and former player
  • Kily Álvarez, football player
  • Ruth Álvarez, football player
  • Sergio Barila, football agent and former player
  • Darwin Echeverry, athlete
  • Robert Sánchez, football player
  • Bambo Diaby, football player
  • Usman Garuba, basketball player
  • Aitor Ekobo, athlete
  • Ángel Mañana, basketball player
  • Óscar Ngomo, basketball player
  • Sebastián Bacale, basketball player
  • Riky Mendizábal, basketball player
  • Gorka Luariz, football player
  • Mamadou Gassama, handball player
  • Sekou Gassama, football player
  • Ángel Binyogba, futsal player
  • Luis Meseguer, football player
  • Acoydan McCarthy, basketball player
  • Adams Sola, basketball player
  • Federico Obama, football player
  • Salomón Obama, football player
  • Salma Paralluelo, athlete and football player
  • Mabel Okoye, football player
  • Fatoumata Kanteh, football player
  • Seth Airam Vega, football player

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