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  1. It’s strange that the US considers a mixed-race person (white and black) to be black, but Argentina considers that person white.

    1. Well, some would say, the idea of race is strange anyway, so then, everything goes from that point on.

  2. It’s so sad to read about the ignorance of certain so-called civilized people. America had been an Indian populated Continent. The dilution took place when they started having relationship with whites, Africans, Indians and Asians. Most people had so much blend that they had passed and remained such. So stupid to ignore one’s culture. These people have no real identity. They’re living a lie that can easily be found, simply through DNA. By getting rid of the Blacks, they wanted to avoid looking at their great grandpa or great grandma. I can always spot them. They’re usually more racist. We are the mirror that reveals their masked identity.

    1. this is a joke ..it was genocide… if there was inter marriage they would look different… this genocide was the template for the holocaust’ .. under cover of war you n wipe out a whole population an witht 30 years everyone will have forgotten..hitler set about to copy this ..wipe otu Jews duringt he way and no one willremember …yellow fever ..what a joke ..since when did germs follow apartheid? It shoudl have wipe dotu all the whiets as well.. inter marriage takes time …Argentina becai=ne ‘white’ within a decade!!!

    2. The pitiful theme (no doubt) in a painting, “The Redmption of Ham” was by an artist from Spain living in Brazil.

      1. Correction: REDEMPTION

    3. They are more racist, as a way to deflect attention. J. Edgar Hoover, is one that also was of mixed race. The info is now on YouTube as well.

    4. I like your comment. Things will change in South America. People if African decent and indigenous must have their say. This discrimatory system helps keep them in poverty but they are becoming aware and its time for change

  3. This is WHY I do not accept the current, phony carpetbagger leader of the Catholic Church. I have no more regard for him than some of his bigoted predecessors and fellow clergy of any faith. I have personally had to train one of his ethnicity from said country in Atlanta and inform that gutter rat that I knew “its” origins. #UsuallyTolerant”

  4. Seriously in this time of information overload to read people still regurgitating the nonsense about tens of millions of Africans being stolen from Africa is disheartening and it should be seen as insulting to Africans. They fail to see how it’s painting their people as pushovers and weak. So weak the smallest population on the planet could came to their continent and enslaved them willy nilly. The European was supposed to have done the impossible and improbable by bringing tens of millions of Africans from Africa across the Atlantic (go look it up modern ships do not travel that route it’s too dangerous) to South America back in the 16-17 centuries when they can’t duplicate that feat today with huge modern ships. Those people who have been mis-educated as being Africans are not they are the indigenous of the Americas. As long as the European have them convinced they are descendants of slaves from Africa they’ll be treated whatever manner he deems warranted.
    Sidenote: Compare the estimated population of Africa and the Americas during the time of the supposed African Slave Trade to the Americas and you’d see those numbers don’t make sense because the story is made up.

    1. I was taking you seriously until you failed to provide a source for your information. Someone who berates others for not researching then offers unsupported alternative facts can’t be taken seriously.

    2. What u said, and in reference to a previous commenter DNA tests are compromised also to make us think we all came to America shackled to the bottom of ships

    3. Well stated.

  5. Argentina is famously notorious for being a very racist country

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