Randburg Library Keeps The Lights On!

WE ALL love the internet, don’t we?

Everyone utilises it to access information, download images and videos of their favourite celebrities, and conduct research for academic purposes. However, the transmission and receipt of information can pose a significant challenge when one lacks data or experiences load shedding.

Nobuntu Mpendulo, the Director of Library and Information Services at the City of Johannesburg, emphasised that we are currently living in a digital era where enticing more young individuals to frequent libraries holds paramount importance. She addressed the media during a briefing in collaboration with the City and Nestlé South Africa, where efforts were being made to introduce solar-powered backup systems to city libraries.

The event took place at the Randburg Library Centre on the 1st of August. The primary objective of implementing backup energy solutions within city libraries is to ensure uninterrupted learning, even during instances of load shedding. Nobuntu highlighted that this time of year marks the period when students and pupils gear up for exams. These facilities provide a sanctuary from concerns about electricity disruptions, and they also offer free WiFi services.

“This truly empowers the students,”

Nobuntu Mpendulo, the Director of Library and Information Services at the City

According to Nobuntu, the plan is to equip all libraries with solar energy backup systems in the future. “This truly empowers the students,” she affirmed. Nobuntu underscored the interconnectedness of technology and education, with libraries serving as the cornerstone for fostering exposure and generating opportunities for students and all individuals in Mzansi.

Nontando Khubisa, the Brand Manager at Nestlé, urged the corporate sector to collaborate in enhancing the quality of education for black children in the country.

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