Farming’s Key To A Better Life

WE ARE living in challenging times.

But there are ways to overcome the challenges and farming could be the key to a better life.

As we’re celebrating Madiba’s Month, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) ventured into the world of farming to help feed many disadvantaged people in Gauteng and KZN by starting food gardening projects.

And soon, many families across Mzansi will benefit from this initiative.

The global organisation celebrates Madiba’s Month under the theme: ‘The Legacy Lives on Through You’.

On Mandela Day which was on 18 July, Mzansi’s programme director for AHF, Dr Kate Ssamula, said to beat hunger, people needed to start food gardens and eat fresh foods and lead a healthy lifestyle.

“In Gauteng, we’re partnering with Shalom Faith Ministries, an orphanage based in Heidelberg, to support food and gardening as part of activities to launch the Food Garden project,” said Kate, adding that their beneficiaries and workers from the orphanage will, this July, be trained by their patients from the local clinic, who also have a garden project under the AHF’s global “Food For Health” initiative to alleviate hunger.

People who benefitted from this learnt not only how to prepare the soil and the process of planting of seeds. But they got some gardening skills to help them to succeed.

Said Kate: “Considering that the beneficiaries are also in need of health services and the orphanage does not have the resources to take them to the clinics regularly, we decided to partner with the Department of Health, to ensure this is a success. And we will provide a range of health services, including HIV Testing.”

They will also donate hygiene packs to the boys and sanitary towels to the girls throughout the month.

“In KZN, we’re working with Besters Clinic with the aim of complementing the support rendered by the eThekwini Municipality-run soup kitchen, as this would have a greater reach and impact on the community, especially for those who attend Besters clinic and are on chronic medication.

Their staff members will prepare and serve the patients at the clinic with a meal.”

For more info about AHF, visit their website:

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