Grandmother’s Dedication to Learning Inspires Next Generation During Holidays

LEARNING has not halted within gogo Busisiwe’s household. Even during the school holidays, her grandchildren remained diligently engaged, with reading books and acquiring new vocabulary dominating their break.

“I was determined that they wouldn’t idle away on the streets, but rather invest their time in activities that would serve them well in the future,”

Shared Busisiwe Mzizi, aged 63.

The gogo (grandmother) underlined that no child can secure a promising job without education. Drawing from her own life, she spoke of her affection for schooling, despite her inability to complete grade 8 due to the tumultuous circumstances prevalent in Mzansi during those years.

“I adored reading and would carry a dictionary wherever I went. If I encountered an unfamiliar word, I’d seek its meaning in the dictionary, thus enhancing my understanding,” she reminisced.

Primarily, gogo aids two of her grandchildren with their school tasks. With the approaching school reopening, she remains steadfast in encouraging them to excel across all subjects.

She particularly focuses on Simphiwe Nkosi (13), who grapples with numeracy and literacy despite being in grade 6. Meanwhile, the younger one, Thandolwethu Mzizi (6), demonstrates commendable progress in her studies.

Gogo generously lends her tablet to them whenever they seek online resources.

Last month, gogo and eight other grandmothers in Soweto received tablets after completing Digital Literacy training organised by Vuma. This initiative aims to equip gogos with digital proficiency, enabling them to assist their grandchildren with schoolwork and other digital tasks. The training’s core objective is to bridge the technological gap between generations and foster learning in the digital age.

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