Why do White People feel so entitled to parts of Africa?

White people are trying to say that they’re “native” to South Africa or that South Africa was uninhabited during the colonial period. Ever since reading into the whole South African land reform debate, it opens my mind to see how entitled they think they are to a place where a majority of Africans live.

They’re saying they brought civilization to the place but it only brought nothing but discrimination, displacement of Africans to shantytowns, and possible genocide of the black native population(allegedly) all under apartheid. They even push this divide and conquer tactic of saying that the Bantus are the invaders or that both Bantu and Khoisan people don’t belong in South Africa to divert attention away from them.

Now that Apartheid is gone and now that they’re forced to confront the consequences they inflicted to Africans, they’re wishing back for the good ole days of Apartheid rule when White people only benefited. Some even created their own ‘white only’ town called Orania.

For the case with Zimbabwe, I know it may be a mess with corruption, mismanagement, and hyperinflation, but it’s still Zimbabwe and it still has its own identity and culture. I notice that whenever I’m reading and watching Zimbabwe’s history or the current state of affairs on youtube or any website, I notice that within the comment section that it’s riddled with White supremacists blurting out phrases like “Rhodesians never die” or “Zimbabwe is a mess because blacks can’t run a country” or they’re stupid with low 70 IQ.

What is their deal really? Do they really think they can walk into a country that’s already inhabited with native indigenous Africans, claim that they own the place and say that Africans are savages while displacing them and segregating themselves with polices that only benefits them as the minority and face no retaliation from the natives?

The demographics of so-called ‘Rhodesia’ as of 1960 was a total population of 8,288,300; the white population was 308,300 while the black population was 7,980,000. The level extent they go through to claim something that wasn’t even theirs in the first place. And those who still reminisce the past with Rhodesia, I have something to say: Rhodesia is dead, get over it.

I’m not even from those countries but hearing these illegitimate claims both online and real-life really pisses me off. This is really something I want to vent out in a while.

Source: Reddit

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