The Republic of Africa I Imagine; Let’s Begin with a Movie

Movie Script scrap notes on the Africa I imagine.  Why? Out to call for action by present generation and inspiration to future generations.

The reality will very much depend on action of all Africans. Such actions may include extrapolations into movie, novels, songs – and importantly concrete action by leaderships and authority figures at all levels.
Summary:  Republic of Africa becomes the most powerful nation on earth with nuclear capability, green economy, supersonic technology, highest ever life expectancy (200 years), bedrock of humanity, imagination, spirituality, fairness and justice.
Republic of Africa sends first 1 million human inhabitants to occupy planet Mars.
The Plot:
Movie opens with a magnificent GOMA, the Capital City of Republic of Africa: High rise solar powered buildings, broad roads and boulevards, expansive green spaces, parks and unpolluted water bodies, ride ways, underground supersonic speed locomotives, cars and planes powered by solar energy, and happy people.
Ranked number one University in the World, Makerere is located in Uganda; one of Africa Republic provinces in the East. The University is imposing and buzzing with unrivalled research capability and innovation hubs located at Katanga Valley.
These research centers drive production of ten-generation drones and spyware, medicines and vaccines, bio technology, Nano technology, nuerotechnology, climate geo-engineering solutions and statecraft policies.
Quality of life is like nowhere else on earth and unprecedented: Life Expectancy is at 200 years as a result of healthy feeding, physical fitness, and universal access to vaccines against all diseases known in history.
Shared prosperity driven by the Republic of Africa idea of Ubuntu’ – an old African idea that simply means I am because you are. It drives compassion, humanity to others, community action and common prosperity.
Millions of people from other parts of the world are migrating to Republic of Africa to find opportunity and live happily. Millions are lining up in long queues at Republic of Africa Embassies abroad to secure Visas.
The Republic of Africa is welcoming all to cradle of humanity and showing the world generosity.
A ship from Europe carrying 2000 immigrants capsizes, Republic of Africa, rescues 1800 survivors and grants them citizenship.
The 200 dead are buried in the Western province of Senegal, with full honors of citizenship
Republic of Africa is Permanent Member of United Nations Security council, with veto powers.
The United States of America (USA) is seeking advice and technical capacity from Republic of Africa on Defense and Security, guns control, boarder security, drugs, building professional police, quick justice system and decongesting of prisons, rights of women and minorities, healthcare.
Republic of Africa’s global power and influence divides opinion at USA’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
An anti-Republic of Africa supremacist and deranged CIA Agent nostalgic about USA old days as super power, vanishes from Nairobi CIA post and starts undercover operations to sabotage, disrupt and undermine Republic of Africa.
CIA agent is hunted down by both mainstream (official) CIA and Republic Africa’s Federal Military Intelligence Bureau.
CIA agent starts lethal undercover operations and convinces provincial nationalists in Republic of Africa to start separatist movements.
The CIA agent taps into old sentiments of post- colonial agitators who kept stuck to idea that autonomy of small provinces is a critical element to bring services closer to people.
These movements cause disruptions, protests in some provinces and assassination of key leaders committed to the Republic of Africa.
The President of Republic of Africa denounces separatist movement leaders as self-seekers, lanky elites, and revisionists seeking to drive the Republic of Africa in reverse gear.
He reminds the people of Republic of Africa to hold on the dream of one united Africa that was realized after a river of bloodshed and action by leaders like Patrice Lumumba, Kwame Nkruma, Julius Nyerere, Nelson Mandela, Bob Marley WEB Dubois, Martin Luther King and Malcom X.
Republic of Africa’s Federal Military Intelligence Bureau finds a dejected lover of CIA agent who provides useful clues that lead to the arrest of deranged CIA Agent.
The agent is immediately deported to USA after a high level meeting of Africa Director of for Military Intelligence Bureau and Director of CIA who arrives in GOMA from Langley (CIA Headquarters, Virginia).
Separatists denounce their disruptive protests and recommit to the flag of Republic of Africa.
Movie ends with – Republic of Africa President seeing off first one million human inhabitants to occupy the planet of Mars.
Source chimpreports||By Morrison Rwakakamba
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