The Error In Calling Caucasians “white”

The false teachings associated with Christianity is the root cause of Caucasian Racism in the world today.
Jesus of Nazareth was a man who received Divine Inspiration from The Creator.
He was not  the Creator (nor the ‘son of The Creator’).

The people who see the resemblance of themselves in the historical fake blasphemous of Jesus of Nazareth will erroneously believe that they are superior to others who don’t look like Jesus.
Incidentally, the original images of Jesus and his mother were dark skinned.

Many of these statues and paintings, still exist in many parts of Europe.
The lighter skinned images became prevalent in Europe, right around the time, the holy crusades began.
The Christians in Europe, had to see Jesus in their own racial image and likeness.
And they had to see the Muslims as being, dark skinned, evil and ungodly.
That was one of the motivating factors for them to travel thousands of miles away from their homelands, to liberate Jerusalem from these blasphemous, infidels.
That was the beginning of the European people’s belief; that it was their god-given right, to enslave and rule all non Caucasian peoples.
The people of those nations who didn’t accept Caucasians as a superior race (through accepting Christianity) were slaughtered or enslaved.


The Merciful G-D has not given us permission to make any physical likeness to HIM.
To say that The All-Mighty Creator of the Heavens and Earth has a son is one of the most blasphemous thing any human being can do.
We have been deceived by the ancient (and still active) secretive Clan of Satan into worshiping G-D as a man.
And the people of the world has been doubly deceived by this trickery into putting the Caucasian race on a pedestal above all the other ethnic groups of people.
This deception has had a devastating effect on all non Caucasians (and Cauasian also).
But its’  effect has been worse on the people of African descent.
Look at how many Christians of African descent world-wide (primarily the women) has tried to alter their physical appearance (straight hair, bleaching skin, etc.) so that they will look more like Caucasians.

Many Christian women of African descent will go to their churches and say Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!
But psychologically, Caucasian men are who they really desire and worship.
They will marry a man of African descent but he will never measure up to the ‘man’ whom they really love (which is Caucasian Jesus).
The psychological chains around their hearts and minds are not visible except to those who can read the signs.
Straight hair wigs and weaves, dyeing their hair in various colors, skin bleaching to lighten their skin and sometimes cosmetic surgery to straighten their noses.
Who is this done for? Who are they trying to please?
Certainly not their men of African descent.

Many of our women with this type of mentality; usually are the angriest when they have been rejected by Caucasian society.
They are angry because they have tried so hard to be perceived as one of them (Caucasians), that the rejection is felt deeply.
Sisters wake up!
Stop imitating the beauty standards of Caucasian women!
There is nothing wrong with your natural hair, or with your facial features or darker complexion.
You are beautiful just as you are.
You are doing mental and spiritual harm to (your selves and your) children from an early age with this slavish imitation of Caucasian women.
You can bring about a positive change for the future generations of our people by stopping IMMEDIATELY this slavish worship and imitation of Caucasians.

My brothers of African descent must also wake up!
A real man would not worship an image supposedly of a g-o-d that looks like another race of people.
How could he sit in his house of worship and see his wife and his children looking up reverently, towards the image of a man belonging to a race other than his own?
Especially of a race that has historically treated our people worse than animals.
To see the Creator in any physical imagery is wrong!!
But it is even worse for a people to worship HIM in an image that belongs to another race.
Those idiotic movies made recently supposedly about Moses, Jesus and Noah just creates more racists among Caucasians and mental slaves among non Caucasians..
Those who continue to worship the Creator in the image of a man or say that the creator has a son will continue to live miserable lives.
No matter how hard or loud they shout their erroneous  beliefs in their churches.
We must put our complete faith and trust in The One and Only Creator of the Heavens and Earth.
Then no one can stop us from achieving success as a people.
*G-D instead of god. When it is spelt backwards it is “dog.” This is not a respectful spelling to be used for The Lord-Creator of the Heavens and Earth. In addition this English spelling of god was a secret joke on the Gentiles by their secretive Satanic minded masters.||

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