“Satan is dead, I have killed him”, South Africa’s Prophet Mboro declares

South Africa-based cleric, Prophet Mboro has claimed that he went to hell and killed Satan.
On a post that was later deleted when people started asking questions, the pastor claims God sent him to hell to get rid of world’s number one enemy.
He wrote;

“When I got to hell there was a queue of millions of people waiting to be braai’d by Satan.
I even saw some prominent South African politicians.
I was so shocked because they lived like angels here on earth. I thought they went to heaven.
When Satan saw me he panicked and directed his army to kill me.
Like Samson in the Bible, I defeated them.
Satan was my last victim”

His received a barrage of insults and condemnation from people who told him to stop misleading people. The post went down after an hour. It is not clear whether he will post it again or not.
His claims comes months after another equally controversial pastor claimed he went to heaven and took pictures with Jesus.

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  1. kkkkkkkk when an ignorant person leads the ignorant, have this pastor or so calling himself pastor ever checked the dictionary to find the meaning of the word Satan. Surely he has never done that, because Satan is a hebrew word which in english simply means Advesary . So there is nothing like Satan he could destroy because Satan is a state of mind that opposes anything.

    Lucky enough there are milions of people who are ignorant of the meaning of the word Satan and those will follow criminals like Pastor Mboro and the rest claiming to be Pastors and prophets.

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