Perils of Prophecies: The " Prophet " who predicted Mugabe's death.

Harare — The pastor who prophesied President Robert Mugabe would die on Tuesday (October 17) has sparked a frenzy in Zimbabwe ahead of the day the “prophesy” would be fulfilled.

Remnant Church leader Pastor Patrick Mugadza has since backtracked on his prophesy claiming God had changed His mind and postponed the death of the veteran leader (93).

Some Zimbabweans poured scorn on the church leader after he back-pedalled, coinciding with the globetrotting Mugabe leaving for World Festival of Youth and Students summit in Russia on Monday.

Many accused Mugadza of being a false prophet.

“False Prophets of doom are always exposed,” said Nduku Nduna.

Sam Masunda also lashed at the pastor, accusing him of seeking significance politically.

“False prohet! Why not give political opinion without insulting congregants in such a way?” Masunda asked.

Lincoln Date reminded Mugadza that God did not change his mind, as claimed by the pastor.

He added, “Stop making these idiots famous when they say stupid things like this. We should not entertain them.”

Others however displayed some sense of humour around the so-called prophesy.

“This pastor must be beaten. How can he raise people’s hopes and dump them just like that,” a witty Tindo Bhonzo said.

Edgra Chitonga was equally jovial.

“The heavens have made a reshuffle,” he said.

Mugabe reshuffled his cabinet last week.

Also last week, the Constitutional Court dismissed an application filed by Mugadza seeking an order to stop his prosecution for prophesying Mugabe’s death.

The state claimed Mugadza insulted the Christian religion and African tradition.

Information Minister, Simon Khaya Moyo, said, “The president worships and prays to a living God. He will not be worried about prophecy made by people,” he told media.

Source: allafrica||Marcus Mushonga

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