This article was written by Real African Writer, Kakuya R. Sitali
What kind of dream is this? While in the middle of meditation at a Cliff of Godfrey House, IL looking across the Mississippi River into St. Louis, Missouri; a huge man with long Afro white hair, white beards, white eye brows and eye lashes comes from behind me from the Woods and stands on an adjacent angle. Despite his white hair, his skin was as tender as that of a young lad. I looked at him with fear as I have never seen such a huge and tall person in my entire life. Out of curiosity, I asked him: “Who are you and what can I do to help you?”
With a smile he directly looked at me and responded: “I am the African Spirit – the Ancient of Old, but you can call me “The Wise One”. I am not here so that you help me but I am here so that I help you and your kind”.
“What do you mean you are the African Spirit and here to help me and my kind?” I asked.
“Yes, I am the African Spirit, The Ancient of Old because despite the many many attempts to destroy and wipe out the African children, I have survived the ages of time and will continue forever and I am here to testify to that fact” he responded in a strong big voice while I was trembling and sweating at this extra ordinary scenery.
“So, Wise One; what are you here for?” I inquired with a keen interest to find out what this person wanted to say to me.
“You see my son”, he responded while looking across the river and continued “the AU’s Agenda is my main interest and that is the reason why I am here”.
“Don’t you think you are in a wrong place and talking to a wrong person?” I asked.
He responded: “No, I am not. I have appeared to many of your kind with many assignments. Don’t worry about anything. Yours is a small task – just to get my word across to your kind. You see my child; the AU’s Agenda has been hijacked several times by the oppressors of my people and in many ways they have tried by all means to stop Africa from becoming Self-Determined. You cannot continue to allow your enemies to sit in the rooms and assemblies where you decide serious matters of African Interest. No. The African Agency is a matter of seriousness – a matter to revert to the original status of Africa before the enemies intruded in the land of your forefathers. It calls for all men and women of calibre, dignity, integrity and will-power – Africans with the love for Africa at heart”.
I looked at him with a look like from someone not clearly following and understanding what is going on and asked: “But Wise One, why are you telling me all this? I don’t serve in any African Government or Institution and I am a man of less value in the political affairs. Please, don’t waste your valuable time”.
“You see my child that is where you get it all wrong. Every son and daughter of Africa has a role to play. Others will play a role of uselessness so that they will be used as examples in the journey of Self-Determination while others will play useful roles to bring development and sanity to the continent of Africa”.
“I am not sure if I am following you, Wise One” I stated.
He looked at me and moved closer to me as he stretched his left hand into the open air behind him as if to pull something to himself and behold there came a chair. He pulled it from nothing and sat on it. Now, this frightened me even more and I was really flicking out.
“Don’t be frightened. The AU’s agenda has been hijacked several times by the oppressors. You cannot allow your enemies to sit in the rooms where you decide serious matters of African interest. The African agency is a matter of seriousness – a matter of life and death. It calls for men and women of calibre, dignity, integrity and will-power”.
He posed a bit and looked at me as if waiting to ask me a question. I was sweating and my heart panting like a deer being pursued by a lion. He calmed me down and told me to relax as my eyes were failing to look direct at his white shinny clothes on that sunny day.
“I am an African Spirit. I love Africa and I am proud of that truth. There is no place like Africa in the entire universe. There is no place in this world as beautiful as Africa. That is my land – that is my home where my spirit feels its full potential. I was created for Africa and Africa for me. And because of that, I am here to look at you – Africans and what you should do. You must write about your African Story. You must sing about your African Story. You must live your African Story.” He said.

Mbinji Mufalo

He continued by saying: “First things first, there were no national boundaries before the scramble for Africa. There were only Kingdoms. You had one African Land with various ethnic Kingdoms. Africa is one Big Nation divided by purpose not by your ancestors but by the oppressors. Your race is Africa and your Nation is Africa. The only way the oppressors would defeat Africa was by dividing it as they did into territorial regions and called such as countries. They further coined a racial term known as tribe to refer to your languages as a way of weakening your communal systems. Through that they made sure that these created/constructed tribes would now fight against each other for supremacy. This was the strategy as their agenda was to gain the control over Africa and acquire complete supremacy over Africa. Just like Mbinji Mufalo says that “I always find it obtuse that as Africans we often run to talk of the spaces we call our States without realizing that these were basically defined by Europeans that in most cases did not take cognizance of already existing ethno-realities”.
At the moment Africa is still the centre of attraction as it was at the time of slave trade and colonial era. Why can’t Africa be left alone? Why should Africans leave Africa for others? This is your land. This is your home. Africa is your heritage. And because of this, every African will have access to their African information about African identity. All your African brothers and sisters from the four corners of the earth will come together to rebuild Africa and they are all welcome back home where they belong. You are Africans and you must be proud to be Africans.
Everything about Africa is beautiful. You do not need trying and living like others. There is absolutely no need to live, eat and talk like them. Everything about you is beautiful: your melanin, your women and men, your diverse colours, your vegetation, your African weather, your rivers, streams, lakes and swamps, your African soil, the diverse cultures but very communal and collaborative, your languages, your healthy foods and local drinks, your natural and human resources. Everything about you is very beautiful.
In Africa, you don’t have nieces and nephews, aunties and uncles. You have brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers. You don’t have nuclear families, no. You have extended families. Everyone in these extended families is very close to you. No wonder a western employer will never understand and appreciate the African employee who attends several funerals of his late fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters. Your mother’s sisters are your mothers and your father’s brothers are your fathers.

Owen ‘Alik Shahadah – DirectorOwen ‘Alik Shahadah, director of 500 Years Later.

It’s because of this that Alik Shahadah says that “being an African cannot be destined by a European or an Arab in the same way Africans play no part in the definition of “who is a Jew or who is a Caucasian”. To return to Israel (aliyah) you need to pass the “who is a Jew” test. Through controversial, and still ambiguous, it exists because it is so important to maintaining an Israel of White Jewish people. In other words fear of alienation or the complexities of identity did not stop the occupying state of Israel from defining “who is a Jew”. This definition is not set by Germans or Arabs or even the British. Equally African(s) will not be defined by politicians who service the business interest of the minority, nor any European or Indian minority settling in Africa (minority cannot define the majority)”.
Africa is not comprised of tribes but languages. The tribes like racism came in during the ‘divide, conquer and rule’ when the western championed their own supremacy. But in order to achieve this supremacy, they had to make indigenous African languages believe that they were superior over another language hence the birth of tribe and tribalism. Your own author and editor at Barotse Post, Mbinji Mufalo, writes in his article entitled THE BAROTSE QUESTION – A DIALECTIC FAILURE OF REASON: “Dialectically, how often do we hear of a Welsh or Scottish saying the English are tribalists? Why is the term tribe not often used among Europeans? Does it mean there are no tribes in Europe? To which end, I have consistently reasoned that the term tribe has historically only been used to refer to colonised, oppressed, or subjugated groups of people (in Africa). The term tribe has a negative connotation. It is a term that historically was used to refer to what was perceived as inferior groups of people. That, as Africans we have continued using the term basically reflects an assumption of superiority by one group or the other. It is a term that we even use in political competition to appeal to a sense of one’s assumed tribal superiority and the legitimate claim to rule others”. It is a European scheme derived from their divide, conquer and rule to further achieve their interests.

Gaddafi & Mugabe

My son let me tell you something. Most African people did not like Muammar Gadhafi because of how he was portrayed to the Africans by the western media. They don’t like Robert Mugabe or Yoweri Museveni or, Edgar Chagwa Lungu or Paul Kagame and many others. Their leaders may have flaws in them like any other person or leader in the world, but does it mean they do not mean well for their countries. No, to the contrary. They don’t like them not because the Africans have found out on their own their leaders are dictators or evil but that the western world has tagged them so – turning their citizens against their leaders. The African Government does not need business men who after swearing in, they think of how their business empires will expand using their strategically located presidency. The African Government does not need politicians who after a swearing in ceremony, they start thinking and planning on how they are going to win the next election using the Government resources and Office Authority and Power. No. The African Government needs leaders who will plan for this generation and the future generations – leaders that will leave a legacy behind for you, your children and their children.
My son hear me, it must be understood from the beginning that Africa did not depend on the western people for survival. Before slavery, colonial and post-colonial times, the African Kingdoms survived and thrived through their communal bonds and ties. The dependence syndrome was a ‘virus’ created as a mechanism during the divide, conquer and rule time. It’s actually the western people who depended and are still depending on Africa for survival. No wonder they came in any form and they still come in whatever names. It’s the western that depends on Africa – no wonder they still exert their ties in Africa in efforts to sustain their agency. Through the divide, conquer and rule; through the slavery and colonialism, Africans have been made to believe that they cannot depend on themselves.
The ‘poisoning’ of the African people was done on purpose so that even other people from other far nations hated your fathers before they saw them. All they did was to create a concept about Africa, market this malicious concept and capitalized on it. Maulana Karenga says: “Racism poisons our life conditions. It makes people hate us before they even know us”. All learned – all wise people know that white and black are not colours – but they were made to be as a way to segregate Africans for their universal agenda. They redefined you of humanity so that a person from Iceland got a concept of you before they even saw you or interacted with you. So what they did and are doing is poisoned how people relate to each other.
Have you not noticed? Approximately 90% of the Churches existing in Africa today have their Headquarters in Europe or America. Have you not wondered? The “give to Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser” theorem is a secret tax regime to milk Africa. It’s estimated that over 75% of the monies raised through tithe and offering in these Churches is going to their Headquarters. The African Government should and must start taxing such Churches. Even the recent and radical Pentecostal Churches have the ‘International Thing’ attached to their Churches’ Names and operations and that internationality has nothing to do with Africa but Europe and America. The monies harvested from the African Churches are furthering the development of the western people and their Churches and advancing the western agenda to continually negate Africa. Open your eyes. Don’t say I did not warn you.
The strong and powerful African Leaders are termed as dictators by the western countries and are attacked through the weaknesses of their citizens. The whole lot of Ban Ki Moon former Secretary General at United Nations came to Africa when he was still in that office advocating for gay and homosexuality rights. Guess who was beside him, his wife – a female. Was this his own doing? No. It was the western agenda. Guess what Mr. Ki Moon said about Africa when leaving office? He challenged governments to right historical wrongs during past decades for people of African descent. He urged all member states to “remain engaged and committed to the decade wrongs committee to the African people at the local, national, regional and international levels.” He was saying this with the hope that “a decade from now, the human rights situation of people of African descent worldwide will be vastly improved”. Where was he to say this now – now that he is leaving office? Why didn’t he say this when he was entering office? Monitor what they say when they enter office and what they say when leaving office. It only calls for wisdom to understand.
Likewise, the American democracy advocates for and continuously lobbies African Government(s) to put more females in leadership. How many times has Hillary Clinton stood for the American Presidency? Has she been given an opportunity to be the first female president of that country after 44 presidents? No. How many female vice presidents have ruled alongside the presidents in America? They (Europe and America) also advocate for Africans to have as many political parties as possible – it’s democracy right? How many political parties are there in America or in each of the European countries? So what really do they mean when they advocate for gay rights and female leadership? What do they want in Africa and what do they wish for Africa when they advocate for gay rights and female leadership? Whether the story of the Garden of Eden is true or not, you all know what happened when a woman was left to act as president of the land. She became an ally with the enemy. Western countries know that too well. Where is the Garden of Eden today?
Whether you Africans keep quiet or not, whether you ignore your status or not, and whether you learn about yourselves or not; there is a deliberate attack on Africa and the Africans – to prevent you and your land from reaching self-actualization. The sooner you learn about this and act to alleviate yourselves from this calamity, the better for you, your children and your children’s children.
Listen my child; there is an ongoing assault on Africa. You still produce what you do not consume and consume what you do not produce. Your African Genius are providing intelligence and advancing developments in the western countries while here at home you have western expats providing employment services to the Africans with no meaningful rewards. “As much as we must live in the world, as it is, we must be sensitive to its fallacies, inconsistencies and constructions it has created for us. The notion of race is relevant and there is no escaping it. But that is one reality; there is also the reality which must co-exist with that, that despite being all called Africans – we are also different – culturally, genetically and spiritually. We do not share one big African Culture despite having cultures which make up the people of Modern Africa Group. We must be aware of that group is salient and political, but it is not divine” says Alik. That’s not to say that ethnic groupings in Africa cannot and will not come together for a common purpose – African Purpose and Agenda. No. In all respect, all Africans understand that you belong to each other and Africa is your land and heritage. You have a home in Africa and a sense of belonging in Africa.
“We must go deeper than just being Nigerian, and being African for our identity for creating a diverse Africa. Nigerian is a colonial imposition. No one was Nigerian when the Hausa ruled the North under Sokoto Caliphate. But at another level, first we are an African people because of the necessity of that political/cultural grouping. But Africans, as diverse ethnic groups, still all have a unique history and culture that cannot be lost – must not be lost. Being Hausa is language, dance, culture, ideology and worldview; we need that just as we need to know about that and preserve that. Maturity now means we do not let these differences and these identities divide us. It is identical to the concept of Ibn Khadun of (Arabic: asabiya)” says Alik.
My dear child; you were Africans before you became Zambians. You were Africans before you became South Africans. You were Africans before you became Nigerians. You were Africans before you became Ugandan. You were Africans before you became the countries you are called by today. The splitting of Africa into sub-territories was a scheme coined by the Europeans to weaken your systems for them to easily conquer you both physically and mentally. However, that is about to end as there is a rapid African Awakening everywhere in African. Bob Marley once said: “Until the philosophy which holds one race superior And another Inferior Is finally And permanently Discredited And abandoned -Everywhere is war – Me say war. That until there no longer First class and second class citizens of any nation Until the colour of a man’s skin Is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes – Me say war. That until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all, Without regard to race – this is a war. That until that day The dream of lasting peace, World citizenship -Rule of international morality Will remain in but a fleeting illusion to be pursued, But never attained”.
The purported ‘African Countries’’ boundaries were not created or divided by African Kings and Leaders – they were created by the oppressors in their quest to rule and gain supremacy over you. Therefore, these territorial boundaries are null and void. The war against Africans and Africa has been going on for the very long time. That shows you how special the Africans and their land are. What do you think was the population of Africa at the time of slavery? I will leave that to you to find out. And what do you think the population of Africa is today? As at 2016, the African population is estimated at 1.216 billion people. That shows you how strong you are. Genocides have been engineered to eliminate the Africans in conquest of Africa, but you are still here strong and standing. Pestilences and diseased have been developed in the western laboratories to wipe out the Africans, but you are here strong and growing than ever. Wars have been secretly implemented to overthrow the Africans, but you are still here united as one despite your ethnic differences – those differences make you unique and different from other people of the world. You are Africans – cradle of all humanity – it was a land of ancient African kingdoms and a home to great libraries and universities. You are Africans and your land is the father of civilization. No one can take that away from you. It’s your pride and heritage.
There is war going on. You can’t see it. But it exists and you can feel it. It has been going on for centuries. It is a war of supremacy over Africa and her people. A white expat from South Africa will get more money than a ‘black’ expat from the same country. Ask your friends from Nigeria they will tell you that a white expat from Europe or America gets more money than a ‘black’ expat from Ghana or Kenya. The national boundaries do not matter to them because they know you are all Africans after all. They know that Congolese expats and Zambian nationals all come from Luba-Lunda Kingdoms – they are all Africans – hence the same conditions of service in employment. A ‘black’ South African expat and a Zambian national are the same because they come from the Ngoni-Zulu Kingdoms – they are all Africans. A white expat is an expat regardless of the part of the world he comes from. But when an African goes to Europe or America, he is considered an emigrant/foreigner. And yet when a European or White American comes to Africa, he is considered a tourist or expatriate. Who coined all these understandings/theories? Definitely they did not come from Africa.
“No nation has the right to make decisions for another nation; no people for another people” – Julius Nyerere. Africa must make her own decisions for Africans and Africans as a people must make decisions for Africa as a nation. Your race is not black and every well meaning African must reject that. “In every instance “race” theories have been constructed to service the interest of the ‘white’ people. Never has a race based theory been mainstreamed which assist Pan-Africanism or a stronger African position. In the UK, race is used to fragment African population “Somali Vs Black Others Vs Black Africans” – states Alik.
“As Africa blossoms into a greater historical and cultural awareness of a motherland, Africans are starting to detach themselves from slave names and slave definitions, and embrace terminologies which better do justice to a historical and cultural reality” – affirms Alik. Africans both home and abroad are now saying enough is enough. They are even more willing to come back together and build motherland – Africa. This realization is the beginning of the end of white dominance over Africa and Africans.
You will require to remove such schemes that weigh down on your mental capacity and make you feel inadequate to stand on your own – such as the boundaries that have torn your unity and peace apart, the names of those boundaries that have separated you from the Africaness and left you only depending on the oppressors for aid (aid are left overs from the master’s table – you are not dogs that you should depend on crams from the Master’s table. You are your own masters), alien names of yourselves and your children – these have disconnected you from your true selves and completely doing away with them will give you a true African sense and give you power and authority over yourselves and your affairs. He that names you has power over you.
So Wise One, what should we do you mean? You see my son, when you give power to someone to name you; you have given them power to rule and have dominion over you. The foreign names (the unAfrican names) you have is a free gift you gave to the oppressors to continually rule and have dominion over you. It’s bad karma as Hindus may put it – it’s bad luck. That can change if you rid yourselves of these names – they have brought more misfortunes on you, your children and your land. These are names that play on your minds to demean your African names and exhort theirs and their self interest in ruling you. This agenda was coined to make you look at everything African to be bad. These names disconnect you from being African; they delink you from your history and heritage.
But the only way you can rid yourselves of this oppression is by re-uniting yourselves back to the way things were before the oppressors invaded your African Land. This can be achieved in one African spirit of both the Africans at home and those in diaspora. You have a duty upon yourselves to educate yourselves and your children about your origin, ancestral heritage and culture. A Timbuktu Scholar in the 4th Century once said: “Whoever does not inform his children of his grandparents has destroyed his children, marred his descendants, and injured his offspring the day he dies. Whoever does not make use of his ancestry has muddled his reason. Whoever is unconcerned with his lineage, has lost his mind. Whoever neglects his origin, his stupidity has become critical. Whoever is unaware of his ancestry, his incompetence has become immense. Whoever is ignorant of his roots, his intellect has vanished. Whoever does not know his place of origin, his honour has collapsed”.
Your children must be told that Africa is the mother of all nations – that Africa is the source of livelihood. Africa is the sustainer of worldly development – without Africa, there would be no western great nations. Africans are awakening from the shackles that keep you oppressed and now seeking your self-determination in the scheme of things. “The history of people of Africa is largely the history of humanity” says Alik Shahadah in his article of December 2009 entitled THE AFRICAN RACE – Defining African Identity Today.
Your children and their children must be taught that the land beneath their feet is the ashes of your forefathers – the rivers and oceans of this land is filled with the lives of your forefathers – taken away from Africa by force and against their African wish. You must teach your children for them to teach their children that the earth is rich with the lives of your people slaughtered at will like animals. Your children must learn from you as you have learnt from your fathers about your history, culture and ancestry heritage. The day of Africa’s complete freedom from the white dominance is drawing nigh.
“It is the silence of those who could have spoken, the indecision of those who could have decided and the indifference of those who could have made a difference that has made evil to perpetuate in human history.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
The Apartheid laws and rules of segregation have been modified today to fit into the corporate world – only to target the Africans. Do not allow this to happen – never. You cannot allow yourself fall into the same pit several times. Watch out for the Boers wherever they may be in Africa. Watch out, I say, watch out.
You cannot allow yourselves to be killed over and over again – in economy and development, in employment and education. The spirit of Africa in you will never die. Every land of this world is standing on the ashes of your great forefathers and their blood is louder than that of Abel. The slavery and colonialism did not kill the African spirit. There is a Great Awakening of the Giant African Spirit in all parts of the world where African sons and daughters live. All your brothers and sisters – home and abroad are coming together for one purpose – rebuilding Africa. Your silence is not weakness. Your meekness is not to be mistaken for cowardice. You are communal people and there is a way you communal people communicate that the western world cannot comprehend or grasp. Let them continue waging war against you in whatever form, but you will remain steadfast and strong and foster your self-determination. Their actions will judge them and their children in this generation and in the generations to come. The African Gods will not allow you suffer any more loss at the hands of your oppressors – natural justice will soon catch up with them and all those who were involved in oppressing Africa and her people. Africa will be free of all the HIV/AIDS. Africa will be free of all the engineered corruption aimed at collapsing your systems and institutions. Africa will speak and the world will listen. Africa will speak and the world will do and follow. Time is coming and it’s speedily drawing nigh.
I moved about feeling uneasy as I was swallow saliva while looking at the old man with watery eyes as though someone is about to cry. Wise One, what we do now?
Now listen very attentively. AU should put up a deliberate policy as they implement the One African Union Passport to get African names while the territories and any other place named by the oppressors renamed with African names. Your brothers and sisters in diaspora should urgently start the process of getting their African names back. Time is of essence. Destroy everything unAfrican in your education, culture, tradition and life style – that way you would have gotten back at them and destroyed every means of them reaching you (your mind). Protect your minds from the enemy – they prey on it. That’s their source of strength over your African lives. Otherwise, those names will continue to remind you of your suffering at their hands and work on your self-esteem. You cannot continue to worship them – they are not your masters. They attacked and did all sorts of acrimonious acts against you and your forefathers. You cannot allow them to continue doing that.
My child listen, the notion that Africans are lazy is a western political scandal – a scheme and plot to degrade the integrity and dignity of Africans. For this, the westerners should and must apologize. Come to think of it: if Africans were lazy, Europe would have looked elsewhere for human resources (slaves) to go and labour in their plantations of Europe and Americas. If Africans were lazy, Europe would not have risked their lives to brave the strong and might currents of the Atlantic Ocean to transport more than ten (10) million Africans out of Africa into slavery. The strength of Africans scares the west far too much than their claims of them being superior over Africans. Therefore the notion that Africans are lazy and that they cannot do anything about and for themselves are baseless and unfounded – it’s only a political tag imposed on the Africans to defranchise Africans.
The westerners are amazed when their institutions such as: Anger Management, Stress and Depression Management, Psycho-Social Counselling, etc are not given place in the African society. Africa did not and does not need these because you are communal people. These institutions work well for individualistic nations. Your affection and love for each other worries them. Look at what most of your brothers and sisters have become by trying to live individualistic life styles – it is a total mess – cancers, obesity, sugars, diabetes, cholesterol, homosexuality, broken homes – you name them. You must learn quickly what the westerners are trying to do to you – it is not help. No. They are destroying you and your children.
Alik Shahadah – author of the article: “THE AFRICAN RACE – DEFINING AFRICAN IDENTITY TODAY” says that “the debate of Africaness must shift, expand, refine itself; but all the while keeping itself a fundamental link to the historical Africaness. The 21st Century definition of African identity is expanding to include new values, which embed the best African characteristics therefore servicing stronger Pan-African identities….. There is an increasing trend to use terms of the complexity of African identity as a way of thwarting the discussion from producing any conclusions. This trend stands as an opposition to the concept of African Union. Just because something is complex does not arrest the attempt at a resolution, nor should it interrupt the broader agendas of a single African Identity which umbrellas the complexities surrounding global African identities”.
You see my child, throughout all generations I have raised gallant sons and daughters of Africa to try and communicate to my African sons and daughters. But what are they doing? They put coke stoppers in their ears not to hear anything and rubber bands on their eyes so that they don’t see what is happening and bury their heads in the ground like Ostriches so that they don’t think with urgency at the pressing African Agenda. What the western did to your forefathers was to pluck them off of their ability to see who they are truly are – to disarm them of their mental capacity to see who they are really are. This was passed on to the children and to the children’s children. And here you are today wandering what happened and went wrong.
Let me tell you of what happened in the Soviet Union one day. During the Soviet dictatorship of Joseph Stalin, he (Stalin) came to one Politburo meeting (late summer of 1934) with a live chicken. He started to pluck its feathers one by one off. The chicken quacked in pain, blood oozing from its pores. It gave out heartbreaking cries but Stalin continued without remorse plucking feather after feather until the chicken was completely naked. After that, he threw the chicken on the ground and from his pockets, took out some chicken feed and started to throw it at the poor creature. It started eating and as he walked away, the chicken followed him and sat at his feet feeding from his hand. Stalin then told members of his party leadership “This chicken represents the people, you must disempower them, brutalise them, beat them up and leave them. If you do this and then give them peanuts when they are in that helpless and desperate situation, they will blindly follow you for the rest of their life. They will think you are a hero forever. They will forget that, it is you who brought them to that situation in the first place.”

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  • I’m so angry as I never learned any of this until this evening. Is there a book available that I can read to learn more about the Moors, Royal blacks and other revelant information? Thank you and I look forward to your answer.

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