African Multiculturalism: “No White Person Will be Allowed to Own Land”, Zimbabwe President Says

According to, President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe has declared that White people will not be allowed to own land in Zimbabwe.

“I was with Mashonaland West provincial party chairperson Temba Mliswa yesterday and he gave me a list of 35 white farmers we hear are still on the land. I am told they are being protected in some instances by cabinet ministers and politicians in their specific constituencies. That is wrong and we will not allow that,” “We will have no mercy for white people regarding the land, they cannot own our soil.”

“Do you want them on the land?” Mugabe asked the crowd; according to, the majority of crowd replied “no!”
“As for cabinet ministers, I will deal with them, but I also hear traditional leaders in some instances are protecting the whites. They will not be allowed to own land. No! They can own properties and factories according to our laws but not a piece of land.”

“The permits we are launching here should be a clear message to those in Britain and the United States that whatever dreams they have of trying to sneak back through the back door will not work. We want it indicated in our laws that Zimbabwe has truly come back to its owners and the whites will never come back,”

As of 2011, there were around 300 white farmers remaining in Zimbabwe reported
In 1945, White people were estimated to be about 10% of the population. Today Zimbabwe is 99.7% Black, meaning Asians, Whites, and mixed-race people make 0.3% of the population.
There are no “anti-racists” in Africa telling Black people that they should have opened borders and share their countries with the world.
There are no “anti-racists” in Asia telling Asian people that they should “mix the races” in Asia and get rid of Asian people.

No, “anti-racists” only focus on White countries, because in their opinions being White is being “racist”.

Conditions of genocide are in place in many White countries that are ensuring White people will become the minority.
These conditions are mass non-White immigration and forced “diversity”, and everyone understands that these conditions will lead to fewer and fewer White people.
That is precisely the point of every genocide in history – removing one group and replacing it with another group.
Diversity is a code for White genocide, because no one ever talks about “diversity” in non-White places – so therefore “diversity” means any non-White place.
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