Hlabelela- A Music Trip Around Mzansi

Hlabelela-  A Music Trip Around Mzansi is an independent South African original music based docu-series created by Samkele Kaase.

The Mpumalanga born creator, from Piet Retief, says he created this docuseries for people who, like him, having been a singer/songwriter and performer, found himself trapped in the hustle and bustle of balancing a career, education and the ins and outs of life. But this passion project that doesn’t only give talented vocalists, who have had to put music on hold to pursue “more realistic” career goals, their ‘ONE DAY…’.

Sam Kaase

“It’s an expression of the power that comes with collaboration and what it can achieve.”

From the creator, the videographers, the vocalists, the backup artists, the sound engineer; everyone played a pivotal role in making this project a success. A melodic metaphor for the world we live in.”

Sam Kaase
Homeopathy Masters Student at the Durban University of Technology, Adviser Mzwandile Khumalo (L) in a practice session with Sam Kaase

The premise of the series is, the creator writes and composes an original piece of music. They then teach the song to the ‘talented singer’ appearing in the specific episode. The song is recorded and a music video is shot to interpret the message for the audience.

The music on Hlabelela tackles issues such as femicide, loss, forbidden love, spirituality and some other surprising and entertaining topics.

’Ube Nabo’ performed by Homeopathy Masters Student at the Durban University of Technology, Adviser Mzwandile Khumalo, is a gentle plea for the higher power to protect all people- no matter who they are and where they come from.

Adviser Mzwandile Khumalo

In this piano-accompanied piece, Mzwandile takes you through the journey of life using simple and catchy melodies that complement the perfectly placed words and distant-sounding back-up harmonies.

If you are looking for something new and interesting to watch that showcases original music, documents the entire production process, keep an eye out for this hard-hitting and raw 3 part series, available on Youtube now.

You can also support the series by donating to their GoGetFunding campaign which will go a long way in the production process

Watch HLABELELA: Music Trip Around Mzansi here:


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