Good Diet Leads to Long Life

MAINTAINING a vibrant life by adhering to a wholesome diet and integrating regular exercise—such as daily walks—plays an instrumental role in extending one’s lifespan. Nevertheless, Nokofa Zimu (110), a resident of Mashaeng Fouriesburg in the Free State, emphasizes that exceeding a century is a privilege in itself.

She asserts that one of the vital attributes the youth of today must embrace to achieve longevity is respect. This quality has been a cornerstone in her life, sustaining her strength and well-being.

“To ensure a prolonged life, it’s important to revere God,”

Shares gogo (grandmother) Nokofa Zimu (110)

This July, Nokofa celebrated her birthday in a splendid manner. A Free State Fujian Overseas Chinese Association businessman, Jimmy Shi, paid her a visit, accompanied by Free State government officials led by Premier Mxolisi Dukwana.

Gogo Nokofa Zimu and Jimmy Shi. Photos by Kabelo Tlhabanelo

This wasn’t just an ordinary surprise visit—it was a heartwarming occasion that arrived with a trove of treasures for this living legend. Nokofa, affectionately called ugogo, received a collection of blessings, including food hampers and winter clothing.

Joy radiated from her as she embraced her gifts. This marked the first instance where she celebrated her birthday while being showered with an array of presents. Notably, her birth month aligns with that of the revered statesman, Tata Nelson Mandela.

In a world where age is often regarded as a marker of wisdom and reverence, Nokofa Zimu’s life and her birthday festivities stand as a testament to the significance of age, experience, and the respect that she embodies.

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