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Saadi dynasty

The Saadi dynasty or Saadian dynasty (Arabic: السعديون‎ as-saʿadiūn) was an Arab Moroccan dynasty, which ruled Morocco f...

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Marinid dynasty

The Marinid dynasty (Berber: Imrinen; Arabic: المرينيون‎ Marīniyūn) or Banu abd al-Haqq was a Sunni Muslim dynasty of Ze...

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Alaouite dynasty

The Alaouite dynasty, or Alawite dynasty (Arabic: سلالة العلويين الفيلاليين‎, Sulālat al-ʿAlawiyyīn al-Fīlālīyn), is the...

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Almohad Caliphate

The Almohad Caliphate, “the monotheists” or “the unifiers”) was a Moroccan Berber Muslim movemen...

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Almoravid dynasty

The Almoravid dynasty was an imperial Berber Muslimdynasty centered in Morocco. It established an empire in the 11th cen...

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Idris I of Morocco

Idris I (Arabic: إدريس الأول‎), also known as Idris ibn Abdillah, was the founder of the Idrisid dynasty in part of nort...

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