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The Real African|| By Dumani Mandela
The book China’s Disruptors is a groundbreaking book on new insights on the entrepreneurial revolution that is taking place in China.
Over the past two decades an unprecedented burst of entrepreneurialism has transformed China economy from a closed, impoverished, state run system to a major power in global business. Alibaba is one of a rising tide of thriving Chinese businesses, and other previously little known companies such as Badu, Tencent and Xiaomi have followed its success quickly.

In September 2014 Chinese eCommerce giant Alibaba raised $25 billion in the world’s biggest ever-initial public offering. Since then millions of investors and managers worldwide have pondered the question: what’s really going on with the new wave of China’s disruptors?  

The book provides a detailed and fascinating study of the changing landscape in China and the entrepreneurs who are driving that change forward. The book is not only about Chinese entrepreneurialism but also about the changing legislative regime in China, which is providing the impetuous for a liberal economy based more on private business than state run entities.
By 2015 private business in China constituted about 70% of the economy while state run business was about 30% of the economy.

Dr. Edward Tse
The book is written by Edward Tse a leading global consultant whom has spent more than twenty years working with senior Chinese executives. In the book Tse deals with the impacts of the growth of Chinese business on the rest of the world.
He asserts that the world will have to innovate at a much faster pace than ever before as a result of the impact of Chinese multinationals like Huawei whom are changing the global telephony markets. For Africa the growth of Chinese multinationals means there will be access to a broader array of products and services in order to fast-track African development in a globalized world order.
I have read numerous books in China before but non-as eye opening as China’s Disruptors. Tse is eloquent but simple in his analysis of the Entrepreneurial culture of China and leaves the reader wanting more.
There are more than enough statistics and facts in the book to satisfy the intellectual hunger of any academic. This book is a must read for all Africans because it details what can be done in a developing nation with the right amount of political will, legislation and hunger to learn new things by the populous.

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